About Iepenstaete

Enterprise consultants specialised in growth and finance

Iepenstaete is synonymous with the expertise of Hans van den Brakel and his partners. Enterprise consultants who specialise in growth and financing issues. We are not directors who have never actually engaged in business. Most of us have single-handedly set up and directed a company. We speak your language, we understand your interests, we comprehend your plans and we can decipher your figures.

Rather than talk, compile reports and issue invoices, we listen, think and act. This is what characterises our approach. Regardless of the financial issues we are dealing with, we always think pragmatically. We combine sound expertise in the area of financing and financial management with detailed knowledge of the industry in question. Our clients find this to be unique. And our unique approach enables us to provide broadly based advice. We don’t believe the figures because they are produced by a calculator. But because we understand – genuinely understand - how they were generated.

If this appeals to you, maybe we should get to know one another.