Corporate finance

Acquisition and sale of businesses

  • A potential buyer of part of the Maxeda Group appointed Iepenstaete to support it through the process.
  • In 2010 Iepenstaete sold Adrime to the French Weborama Click here to read the article.
  • For a company in the food industry Iepenstaete supervised the strategic acquisition of a company with revenues of 4 million euros and oversaw all aspects of the acquisition process.
  • For a construction-related company Iepenstaete supervised two strategic acquisitions of medium-sized companies and oversaw all aspects of the process.
  • Iepenstaete supervised the negotiations, financing, structuring and due diligence for a MBI of a company in the construction industry with revenues of 2 million euros.
  • Iepenstaete supervised the due diligence process, financing and structuring for a MBI of a Kenyan-Dutch company in the vegetable production and transport industry with revenues in excess of 50 million euros.
  • Iepenstaete assisted with the acquisition of a company in the technology industry with revenues of 10 million euros by providing a range of services, including a due diligence audit, advice on financing and structuring, and general advice on things such as the shareholders’ agreement.
  • Iepenstaete supervises all aspects of the process involved in the acquisition of a company in the medical sector and a subsequent international add-on for the company.
  • Iepenstaete advised the new management team in its negotiations and on the new corporate structure following the spin-off of the Sony-Ericsson office in Emmen, now Tonalite. Click here to read the news report. Click here to download the press release as a PDF file in Dutch.


  • Iepenstaete advised a large manufacturer of consumer goods on restructuring with a view to ensuring continuity and preserving the family capital.

Optimisation of financial processes

  • Iepenstaete advised the management of a large retail company on the translation of its strategy into financial forecasts.
  • Iepenstaete optimised the financial reporting of a medium-sized investment company.

Performance and supervision of audits

  • Iepenstaete audits companies of different sizes in a range of sectors for several investment firms.