R.J. Schuurhuis

Business Consultant

Rob is back at Iepenstaete since October 2016 as an independent business consultant. He will also continue to develop the Iepenstaete organization.

Rob started his career at accounting firm Berk Zwolle (now: Baker Tilly Berk). In addition he studied Accountancy at University Nivra-Nyenrode. In audit practice, he was active in medium sized (family) companies in several sectors.
These include the construction industry, the furniture industry, both goods and passenger transport, wholesalers, as well as cultural institutions.

After eight years working in the accountancy, Rob has made the transition to the business world. During the past 10 years he is experienced in the field of (re-) organisation of (family) companies, including as General Director at HAZA Groep B.V.
This again in several sectors including an international production company, building industry, international trade and import/export companies.