Hans van den Brakel


Hans began his career at Van Dien & Co Accountants (the precursor to PWC). Seven years later he joined Intercena (Anthos), the former head office of the Brenninkmeijer family. The international nature and diversity of the companies involved (which included C&A and Redevco) enabled Hans to develop his abilities as a financial and tax specialist. As well as being involved in the cash management process, he was also involved in the management of the financing companies of the then holding company.

For the last ten years of his time there he worked for Egeria, the Private Equity Fund of the Brenninkmeijer family, initially as a controller and then as Financial Director. As well as producing regular reports, he also assessed (potential) acquisitions.

He also dealt with financing, structure and taxation, and supervised the financial management of the companies to ensure that they met the reporting requirements imposed by Egeria. During this period Hans also served as a corporate director of the holding company of Koninklijke Mosa in Maastricht.

Hans set up Iepenstaete bedrijfsadviseurs in September 2007 and now serves as an independent business consultant. Hans is a member of the Board of Supervisory Directors of the Holland Venture III investment fund and the Van 't Hek Group.

"The sense of satisfaction I get from helping entrepreneurs is the greatest reward."