Albert de Vink

Food industry specialist

Albert de Vink studied business taxation at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. From 1990 to 2000 Albert served as CFO of the Rotterdam office of Aluchemie Botlek, which is part of the Alusuisse-Lonza concern in Zurich. He also supported the sales office in Zurich and was a member of the board of the Alusuisse pension fund.

In 2000 and 2001 Albert served as CFO of Hazlewood Fish Division and supervised the reimplementation of the ERP systems. He also supported the sales process of the four companies in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

In 2002 Albert was appointed CFO of the Ad van Geloven Group. He was responsible for the acquisition and integration of Van Lieshout Snacks BV and Mora and supported the sales processes to various private equity firms. As well as arranging the financing of acquisitions and refinancing of the Ad van Geloven Group, Albert also supervised the implementation and integration