Welcome to Iepenstaete

Advice on growth and financing issues

Business is about creating value. And that requires business acumen, inspiration and financing. It’s as simple as that. And as complex as that. Who understands your financing needs? Who comprehends the plan behind your figures? Who is able to accurately assess the value of your company? Who will find investors? And who will help you build and capitalise on your successes?

Welcome to Iepenstaete! Senior consultants who advise companies in various industries on growth and financing issues. Not consultants with a wall full of books and a standard approach. But experienced entrepreneurs who combine financial expertise with knowledge of your industry and insight with effective action. When dealing with financing of any size. And also when negotiations involve hundreds of millions, our expertise will accomplish the best outcome for our clients

Our services are described on this website. Take a look. If you’d like to talk things through with us please let us know.